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Visual Data Collection


With the visual data collection project from Bosch, we are beginning to gather the road traffic data needed as a basis for future use cases of automated driving.

For Bosch, automated driving is a key to greater road safety. A large proportion of accidents are caused by human error. Assisted and increasingly automated driving functions can help make road traffic safer, but also more efficient. They relieve drivers of tiring tasks and support them in critical situations.

Project overview

Bosch is working closely with partner fleets and installation partners on the Visual Data Collection project.

Generate image data from road traffic (e.g., traffic situations, signs, critical events).

Fleet vehicles are equipped with a windshield camera system (12V connector, 4G cellular communications technology, reversible).

  • Throughout Europe
  • The more diverse the routes, the better

We are building a database for training AI image processing algorithms. With this database, we can further develop automated driving with the following goals:

  • Reduce accidents
  • Increase safety
  • Optimize traffic

Benefits for all road users

Traffic optimization | Driver assistance | Reduction of fatal accidents

The technology behind automated driving offers a variety of benefits – for all road users. Improving the reliability and speed of this AI-based technology is one of the biggest challenges currently faced by OEMs and suppliers. Therefore, the AI algorithms must be trained using real road traffic data so that they respond reliably, especially in critical situations.


Fleet recruitment

Thousands of vehicles (vans and similar vehicles) will gather the necessary road traffic data.


We offer a variety of installation models to meet the requirements of your fleet.

Motivated drivers

Whenever possible, plug in the camera and drive to capture defined traffic image data.

Secure operation

Unplugged – camera off. Data protection is the top priority. No interior or driver monitoring.